Jumat, 18 Desember 2009

Audy's Wedding @ JW Marriott

Today, 2 of my friends are getting married. One is Audry, my childhood friend who is Audra's twin.

Audry's party was held in JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta. So that rainy evening, me, Mike and my mom went to her party. Lucky us, today is public holiday so the traffic is quite nice for us. No such traffic jam. We arrived at JW Marriott at 8 PM since we left Klp Gading on 7.30.

The food are good as usual. Mike looooves the salad and antipastis. Me myself dont eat too much coz i was so full.

Another friend of mine who is getting married today is Grace. Grace's party was held in Royale Ballroom Kelapa Gading. My mom attended Grace's party before went to Audry's.

Here's some pics

Posing under Marriott's Xmas Tree

Me & Mike

Me & Mom

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