Senin, 28 September 2009

Canon EF-S 55-250 mm f/4-5.6 IS USM

Friday morning, we handled one wedding in Gereja Isa Almasih, Cikini. We left home at 10 am and arrived 45 minutes later, while the wedding will be started on 1 PM. So after delivered my chocolate fountain stuffs and staffs, me and Mike went to Pasar Baru to do some lenshunting. We are looking for Canon 50mm f/1.8 which price has made me amazed. It costs below 1 mio IDR.

Shop after shop we walked by, but no one had it. So we decided to go to Oktagon which is not to far from Pasar Baru. But since it was 12 and Mike was hungry so we find something to eat first. We stop by (i forgot the name of the Restaurant), which is located just accross Bakmi Sui Sen Metro Pasar Baru. I ordered bakmi kepiting and Mike ordered nasi campur (again).

Soon after we ordered, the food arrived and they looked like this :

and here is the nasi campur

Mike thought the nasi campur is delicious. Although it's expensive

After finishing our lunch, we went to Oktagon, asking for the lens we were looking, but they said they had no more. Grrrr.......

We looked around the shop, and i remembered something. Mike likes to take landscape pictures. The quite cheap recommended lens is Canon EF-S 55-250 mm f/4-5.6 IS USM (according to some testimonials i read in some forums). We asked for the price. It costed us Rp.2.298.000,- while DalDigital offered us Rp.2.400.000,-. And what made me happier? Actually Oktagon, collaborated with Citibank gave 6 months installment with 0% interest. So it costs me only for Rp.383.000 each month. Wow....

Finally we bought that lense. Can't wait to have outdoor photo session to try our new lens!

Friday Night @ Sate Khas Senayan

On Friday evening, after delivering chocolate fountain to Pendopo Kemang, which i found that place was sooo amazingly loveable (nice ambiance, also they have several antique things which i desired to photograph), me and Mike went to Starbucks Coffee which is located on Kemang Square.

Once i entered the store, i found out that they had no more the 2nd floor lounge which happened to be me and Mike's favourite place.

I just ordered iced Misto, then opened up my notebook, and browse the internet. Unfortunately, when the watch showed 8.30 PM and we had to go back to Pendopo Kemang to pick my staff up, it was heavily raining out there. So we decided to wait for a white, hoping the rain will fade away.

Suddenly i felt hungry, and we had nowhere to go but to Sate Khas Senayan which is located beside Starbucks Store. Sate Khas Senayan is one of famous Indonesian Restaurants who has been established since 1974, long before i know how to breathe :)

We took a look at the menu, then i ordered Timlo Solo which happens to be one of my fave Indonesian dishes, while Mike ordered nasi begana. The price of those foods there are beyond my expectation. It's quite cheap, i thought. Timlo solo for Rp.19.000 and Nasi Begana for Rp.28.000.

We were waiting for about 10 minutes before they served the food. I like the Timlo Solo. Also Mike likes his nasi begana.

After we finished eating, the rain seemed to fade away, we went back to Pendopo Kemang then went back home.

Well, I think sate khas senayan is worth to try :)

Jumat, 25 September 2009

Indulge yourself @ Pasta de Waraku

I've been reading some of my friends' blog, which has mentioned about Pasta de Waraku. Me myself got really curious about this place soon after read their posts, but still have no time to try... Also if i were visiting PIM or GI, i forgot to stop by. But last Thursday, when my husband had an appointment with his college mates, and they happened to be meeting in PIM, finally i've got the chance to visit Pasta de Waraku.

Once we passed by the Restaurant, i happened to be very very crowded. Although it was 2 PM, since i thought it would be crowded around lunch hour (12.00-01.30)! Soon we found out what's the reason behind... It was the Lunch Promo of course....

Imagine, during the Lunch Promo, the price for a portion of selected Pasta is only Rp.48.000,-. Also if you have ordered Pasta, you can order the appetizer sampler for ONLY Rp.15.000,- each portion, and PLUS extra corn cream soup!! Not only them i've mentioned before. Add more Rp.15.000,- and you'll get extra pizza sampler of your own choice.

So... I ordered Chicken Mushroom Soup Pasta and my hubby ordered Kimchee Aglio Olio Pasta. We also ordered some appetizers, which are Spinach with Smoked Beef and Calamary. Here are what they looked like :

And we also ordered pizza sampler and it looked like this

Yes we know how greedy we are.... Above all, we had to pay only for Rp.162.000,-, tax and service charge were included. It's very cheap i thought since few days before that we had dinner @ Sushi Tei and it costed us more than 200k for only some plates of sushi...

Pasta de Waraku also claimed that they cook healthy. Absolutely no MSG. Overall, it's very very recommended. Cant wait to have another lunch promo. Wish i have more time...

Selasa, 22 September 2009

Enjoying Jakarta

Yes, I'm currently enjoying Jakarta, when Jakarta seems so empty... Today is one day after Lebaran. But if you take a look at the calendar, still today displays as a public holiday...

Today i woke up at 9. Then i prepare myself to cook. I'm cooking meat soup with red bean today, and i just know by now that it takes more than 2 hours to boil those red beans... Gosh... I still have some food which i bought 2 days ago, haven't been touched yet, babi hong and babi rica. Here they are...

Actually, tonight we had planned to meet my hubby's college mates @ FX. But it was cancelled. So we made another plan... going to Pancawarna to have dinner there. Yeay! I love eating kunthien's food. In Pancawarna you can find various kind of Kunthien's food such as nasi kari, nasi campur, pangsit ikan, bubur aneh (sort of porridge, but they put rice into the water then boil it), coipan goreng, kokue, kue cap, bakmi kepiting, and my fave one, tart susu.

We left house at 6.30 PM and arrived at 7. We take a look first at all hawkers there. I laid my eyes on cake stall, then i found my baby tart susu. I bought 3 slices. I ate one there, the rest i kept for myself for tommorow. After finding empty table, we ordered our dinner. I ordered pangsit ikan. Michael ordered nasi campur, and his mom ordered bubur aneh. We also ordered coipan goreng and siomay kunthien. Such a greedy people we are... Here are what they looked like...
yummy... I also uploaded those pictures to my facebook pages, some of my friends are ngiler to those food ha ha ha....

Minggu, 20 September 2009

Kuliner Hari Ini

Met lebaran !

Yup, hari ini umat Islam merayakan hari Idul Fitri 1 Syawal 1430 H. So, saya bener2 lagi enjoy Jakarta. Jalanan sepi... Enak banget jalan2 tanpa macet...

Pagi2 kita anter mama ke airport, berangkat ke Batam. Jalan2 lah...

Dari airport kita keliling Tangerang, dan bermuara di Gading Serpong. Bener2 sepiii banget. Resto2 yang buka juga ga banyak. Tapi ada 1 yang keliatan cukup menarik and rame... Nasi campur dan nasi kari Pontianak.

Saya pesan nasi kari, Michael pesan nasi campur. Rasanya sih... menurut saya standar yah... Enak sih, tapi blm enak enak banget :) Dan harganya cukup mahal. Pesan 1 nasi kari + 1 nasi campur + 1 es teh + 1 teh tawar = 38.500,- padahal porsi makanannya dikiiitt.... Well, but it's worth a try lah...

Here's some pictures..